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sunDigital started out creating beautiful, functional websites that meet your needs as a business, and we’ve recently branched out into tech operations.  Here you’ll find info about how we do hosting, design information, and even a few examples of our work.  Don’t hesitate to reach out to us to see what we can do for your web presence!


Our staff are some of the best out there.  We pride ourselves on having qualified and courteous staff that will work with you on every level to get you the site you want.


We produce clean and professional sites built on the most up-to-date platform and ensure our sites work on all devices and screen sizes.


We host our clients on private virtual servers that feature SSD storage technology to ensure sites are fast and safe from unrecoverable damage.


All of our sites are built on WordPress’s tried and true platform and secured on private servers behind firewalls with 2FA to provide one of the safest web environments availabe to consumers.



Our primary focus at sunDigital in our Creative division is web design.  We develop custom sites built on the WordPress platform, which is extremely flexible in terms of CSS styling and content management.  This platform enables us to style a website to exactly the way you want it.  Contact us for information on pricing and hosting and we’ll be happy to help!


We developed a passion for graphic design as we started developing our own websites and needed beautiful and clean graphic content for those sites.  We honed our skills to create quality content that drives the success of your site. We can do logo design, digital marketing media, and more.  Click the contact button to contact us and find out what we can do for you!


We create quality, custom videos and content for your special day, business, or just for posterity.  Check out some of the videos we’ve produced over the years!


sunDigital uses Digital Ocean’s droplet platform built with the latest Ubuntu Linux distro to host it’s sites.  We find that this is the most cost efficient and secure platform we could possibly offer our clients. Our desire is to serve our clients the best possible product at the most economical price. Monthly hosting includes the cost of the droplet + our focused attention on security, updates, and maintaining uptime. Here are a few of the advantages of hosting on a private linux platform:

  • Low cost, efficient servers
  • Speed, speed, speed! DO droplets utilize SSD storage to offer speeds that conventional hosting platforms just cannot offer for the price.
  • Security. Because each client has their own VPS, we can lock down each box with linux’s built in firewalls and stop brute force login attempts.
  • Backups! DO offers backups for their droplets at 20% of the total cost of the server.  If something goes awry, we blow it away and restore from a backup in under 5 minutes.


I would like to say what a great experience that I have had with sunDigital. Knowledgeable, Professional and Courteous everything that you would expect and more! SD has literally gone the extra mile, to make our experience great, IT service that we will be Partnering with for years to come!”

Jeff Whitley

General Manager, W&W Truss Builders

“For a small business like Roanoke Therapy Services, Inc., sunDigital has been a great asset.  sunDigital is involved in the community, well respected by its clients and is truly knowledgeable about state of the art componentry.  Moreover, sunDigital’s staff and owners are honest and transparent about their service and cost factors.  They are our number one choice for all IT and web site design needs.” 

Dean McCall, DPT

President, Owner, Roanoke Therapy Services

“Jason at sunDigital has been great! I would highly recommend him and the sunDigital team. With every project, he has taken the time to craft a high quality product that is exactly what I needed. No need to look elsewhere, sunDigital has the expertise and experience you want from the best in information technology! And, he has a cool beard.”
Steven Manning, MD

Physician, AccessMedicine


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We exist to provide quality web design/content hosted on secure and fast servers while also providing professional network and computer system infrastructure design and support all at a cost that your small business can afford. More importantly we seek to glorify the Lord in all the work we do.


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